The purpose of this set of pages is to make hardware hacking more accessible to the general populus. Although anyone is welcome to use this site, it is assumed that the user is comfortable filling in their knowledge gaps as necessary and knows how to use google. I set out to do this project with the intention of repairing the Macintosh SE. I also wanted to put my hardware skills to a practical test and holistically improve my knowledge of electronics. These particular research efforts have been made possible by RetroTech at the Georgia Tech Library - an organization committed to preserving old technology.

I currently write my software on a Mac Mini and Macbook (when I'm not near the Mac Mini)

I have various electronic devices such as an FPGA (of course!), a mini UART cable (technically not FTDI - it's prolific tech.) some resistors, a soldering Iron, and some wires.

These are some devices that I have been working on Repairing Recently.

* Macintosh SE

* Apple II)

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