Sometimes I find myself forgetting how I configured and built particular software. This page is to remind myself of my base configuration and perhaps help others with similar issues.

Package Manager and Environment

I usually use the brew package manager due to its apparent and rather surprising robustness. I use MacPorts on my vintage Macs such as my iMac G3 since its PowerPC packages are still maintained. But brew seems to be far less invasive than MacPorts, going so far as to not require administrative privileges to install packages. Whatever package manager is used, I suggest being consistent, brew built software tends to easily find other brew packages - same with MacPorts. It is difficult to mix and match packages from different package managers.

Various Packages

Since this is the 21st and GNU really is the UNIX standard somewhat ironically - it is important to replace the deprecated BSD utils with their respective GNU coreutils. For example, sed becomes gsed, readlink becomes greadlink and so on. Just do

brew install coreutils

If you want to do any sort of useful/common software development, you'll want to install the following packages.

brew install cmake
brew install python3
brew install pkg-config
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