So You Want To be a True Nerd...

Well, TBH, this project has been in the works for some time. My friend Mike has currently done most of the work of designing the CPU in Verilog and synthesizing it onto a De0Nano. As I get more time, I will document the steps involved. I hope to verify the compiler this winter break and get started writing the operating system.

GitHub Repository

  • Unpipelined, multi-cycle ARM-like processor
  • Semi Working Compiler
  • Working Assembler
  • Add QEMU support(wouldn't that be nice)
  • Add peripherals in fabric like ethernet engine, SPI, and custom vector graphics unit
  • Port llvm backend and ditch manual compiler??
  • MbedOS-like HAL (this is more feasible)
  • Some coreutil library
  • Unix Operating System (We are sooo far from this)
  • Use hurd kernel?

Generally Cool Features

  • ham radio texting integration
  • Ham internet
  • black and white interface


  • Ethernet and DMA
  • Berkeley Sockets
  • Email
  • Computer Algebra System
  • Geometry plot
  • basic terminal application
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