things to learn

Sometimes I'm learning a new concept but have to put it aside to attend to more urgent matters. Here is a list of useful things I'd like to come back to in the future.


  • Let Trois Mousquetaires
  • Verbes et conjugaisons également


  • Feynman Lectures Volume III - Intro to Quantum Mechanics
  • Complete reading and transcription of Applied Electromagnetics Lectures
  • Rational for wave energy propagating at group velocity - Princeton
  • Derivation of polarization tensor in birefringent materials - Fowles
  • Optical Rotation for chiral molecules with dipole moments - derive behavior with quantum mechanics wave function evolution 1


  • Memorize chain rule derivation
  • Read through Gibbs Phenomena Proof
  • Lesbegue - Intégrale, Longueur, Aire
  • Lie Algebras and Topologies
  • Sets and Groups
  • Complex Contour Integration