my hardware

general purpose computer

I currently use a Mac running MacOS. I like the Mac because of its robust hardware and MacOS because it is POSIX compliant making it more a less a UNIX descendant.

I also periodically edit videos and write music, and Apple provides a Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for about $300. Video editing with Final Cut is also second to none when it comes to video acceleration and great battery life. I also like the flexibility of the OS X windows manager and its re-programmability, which I make extensive use of.

I truly do prefer the Linux UNIX-like ecosystem, but Mac OS was the best practical compromise I could find. I truly dislike Windows as a daily driver, and the only purpose it serves in my life is for playing occasional triple A titles that never quite make it to Mac OS.

I interact with Linux regularly and like its robust and constantly updated secure kernel. It's the only system I would trust if I had to deploy a computer product. The i3Wm for X on Linux also has a special place in my heart for its clean and utility centric design.


I list the devices i usually use, in no particular order.