Hacking Old Tech!!

The purpose of this set of pages is to make hardware hacking more accessible to the general populus. Although anyone is welcome to use this site, it is assumed that the user is comfortable filling in their knowledge gaps as necessary and knows how to use google. I set out to do this project with the intention of repairing the Macintosh SE. I also wanted to put my hardware skills to a practical test and holistically improve my knowledge of electronics.

I originally started reverse engineering hardware as an intern at Georgia Tech RetroTech Laboratories. When my internship ended - about a year passed before I had another chance to do any serious retro-reverse engineering. Fortunately - over the course of that year - I acquired much more knowledge in the area of computing, mathematics, controls, signal processing, and 3d computer graphics. I should now be more equipped than ever to perform some amazing feats with old hardware.

My Latest Vintage Acquisition

A youth pastor at my church gave me his MacSE recently and it works perfectly. Since there is nothing to fix, I plan to write some software for it as well as design an accelerator for its PDS(Processor Direct Slot).